My Ausome App

A tool to help parents, teachers, therapists and all plan and track accomplishments through the autism journey

A project of love

Created for you

My Ausome App empowers parents to keep track of their child’s accomplishments through their Autism journey. There are many challenging experiences along the way, this app helps track and remember the positive ones and work through the challenging ones.


How you can help

To help fund this app, head over and check out how you can not only help fund the app but also contribute through donations at My Ausome Foundations.

All donation amounts to the project are graciously accepted! Thank you for supporting this project and helping we families just embarking on their autism journey.

All donations are tax deductible and appropriate donation receipts are provided.

As a thank you, we would like to send a little swag your way…

Donation 1 – $25 or more – Digital note

Donation 2 – $100 or more – Stickers + note

Donation 3 – $250 or more – Stickers + shirt + note

Donation 4 – $500 or more – Stickers + shirt + note + personal thank you note from family you helped

All donations are greatly appreciated

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A look inside the app

Easily add goals that you want your kiddo to work towards, upload images of their progress and celebrate when they have completed a planned goal or any fun new and exciting event.

Add new treatments or milestones

You can keep track of how well your kiddo is doing and make notes so you remember what was happening during that time frame. New therapy, treatment or medications. This will help you easily track what is working and what isn’t.

Support our cause

This app will have the ability to be used by therapy companies to bring parents and therapists together to highlight and document amazing moments throughout the journey of a child with autism. Parents can opt in to use the app within the therapy clinic as well as parents can use this app on their own if that is not a current model within the clinic and can ask individual therapists to collaborate with a parent using the app. Children will also be able to be a driving force within the app but helping create their own goals they want to work on, updating their progress, and eventually completing those goals.