We help parents with funding for diagnostic testing and evaluations for kids with Autism

Many parents are faced with large bills, upwards of $5000, to pay out of pocket for intake evaluations and diagnostic testing for autism.

Our Mission

My Ausome Foundation was created to help parents with financial support for diagnostic testing for autism when insurance under funds or does not cover those services. The stressors leading up to testing can come from all avenues and My Ausome Foundations’ goal is to provide families with level of help during this time period.

Purpose Behind My Ausome Foundation

Many parents are faced with large bills, upwards of $5000 to $7000, to pay out of pocket for intake evaluations and diagnostic testing for autism. Most of these services are done in multiple sessions. Along with the out-of-pocket expenses for testing, some states have limited providers who can perform the services needed and travel to larger children’s hospitals is needed, which further adds to the expenses.
As stated by Parsons (2018), “self-funded insurance policies usually exclude everything related to autism treatment, thus starting a back-and-forth between families and insurers that can last the whole of childhood and into adulthood.” Many Autism Foundations are provided extremely valuable resources and grants to families of children diagnosed with Autism, but there is very limited for support prior to a diagnosis.
Here at My Ausome Foundation we would like to be a resource to help alleviate some of the stress and hardship that can arise due to the cost and long waitlists for evaluations and testing.
We are also partnered with My Ausome App. This app brings parents together with teachers, therapists, care givers and other individuals involved in the lives of children with autism, to share the amazing moments along the journey of early childhood. Keeping track of accomplishments, goals achieved, and amazing moments through earlier childhood. Funds from the purchase and use of My Ausome app will help fund My Ausome Foundation, along with donations and grants.


Meet The Founders

Pam McLeod

Pam is a mom to two amazing boys, both diagnosed with Autism. When her oldest was about 1 she realized that using a typical baby book was not really working for her son. After spending some time searching online and coming up empty handed for something that was more geared toward her child’s needs, she decided to create her idea. My Ausome App initially set out to be designed back in 2018, although there were many hurdles and many hoops jumped through, the app is finally in development as of August 2021.
Outside of the app, one of the areas that many parents discuss on social media platforms are the services for autism and which state is best and which insurance is best for coverage. Hearing stories of parents paying thousands and thousands of dollars and traveling for multiple appointments 6-8 hours from home, this was outrageous to see. Deciding to bring awareness to this issue, and the app, the idea behind creating a foundation with proceeds from the app, grants and donations, My Ausome Foundation was created.

Amber Weber

Amber is also a mom to two, two amazing girls. Amber worked in social work before becoming a Speech Therapy Assistant working mostly with children with Autism. After deciding to become and amazing stay at home mom, she knew she still had a passion for this community and helping children. Pam and Amber met through a different business adventure, became friends and when she saw and heard of Pam’s app and foundation, she knew this was her path. The two joined forces and are working together to build a community around support, awareness, and show casing all the amazing moments through the early childhood autism journey.

Do you need support?

Inclusion Criteria

Families impacted with more than $1000 out of pocket cost for any service involved in medical consults, evaluations, and testing appointments for children at high risk of an autism diagnosis.
Funds can be for those underinsured, high deductible pay outs, or families with no coverage for mental health benefits (which is where autism testing falls under)
Families with travel times causing more than one day of travel (greater than a 4 hour drive each way) and any special need for travel accommodations not able to be provided by the guardians.
If travel funding is needed, provide address from home to address of clinic, email confirmation of appointment date, and any added travel accommodations needed.
Funding amount is based on first come first serve, available funds, and total amount needed to cover out of pocket expenses. Funding for medical services not to exceed $3000 and travel expenses not to exceed $500.
Families may qualify for both funding depending on need.

How you can support

Support a family

Funding from My Ausome Foundation will provide families funding to help cover a portion out of pocket expenses for Autism testing. Each family will send in an application for us to review and funds will be distributed based on need. 
If you chose to also help funding for My Ausome App as well, you can delegate that below a well. All donations are tax deductible and appropriate donation receipts are provided. If you chose to have some funds used to support My Ausome App as well as My Ausome Foundation please make sure to let us know. Once th app is fully funded, 100% of donations will continue to support families and also income generated from the use of my the app will be a secondary support for fund raising. 

All donation amounts to the project are graciously accepted! Thank you for supporting this project and helping we families just embarking on their autism journey.

All donations are tax deductible and appropriate donation receipts are provided.

As a thank you, we would like to send a little swag your way…

Donation 1 – $25 or more – Digital note

Donation 2 – $100 or more – Stickers + note

Donation 3 – $250 or more – Stickers + shirt + note

Donation 4 – $500 or more – Stickers + shirt + note + personal thank you note from family you helped

All donations are greatly appreciated

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